Recording $45.00/hour

Mixing And Mastering

Engineering $45.00/hour
Music Production $45.00/hour

Live Musicians

Classes Available $45.00/hour

All Recording Services are by appointment. Please give us a call at 803.865.0105 to reserve a time


CD/Flyer Design $50.00/side 75.00/2 Sides

Poster Design

Business Card Design $50.00/Side $75.00/2 Sides
Myspace Layouts $75.00

$300 Plus $80 a page

Logos $75.00
1000 4x6 Flyers $140.00 shipping included
Photoshoots $150.00 (per 80 shots)

All designs include an 8 picture photoshoot done in-studio specifically for your design.
These pictures are not given with the design, but may be puchased for an additional $10.00
designs are final product only, and do not include photoshop files.


10-99 CDs $1.00 Each (burn and print)

100 plus

$0.75 Each (burn and print)