Jah Bless


Jah Bless(Keton Ellis) Was Born August 24, 1990 (Virgo) In Columbia, South Carolina at Richland Memorial Hospital. At a young age, Jah Bless was always talkative and energetic. At the tender age of 7, Jah Bless' father heard him one day in the room mimicking his favorite rapper at the time Nazir Jones (Nas) His father came in the room and asked: "You want to be a rapper?"
Jah Bless was outgoing and told his father: "Yes I want to be a rapper".
So his father, now knowing his son's new talent, went out and started his own studio in his house. At the time Jah Bless was just learning how to put things on wax. He began to love hearing himself over music sounding so legitimate. His first song ever was "Danger" at the age of 12, and was a hit in his neighborhood. Jah Bless then attended Southeast Middle School in Hopkins South Carolina. Thats where he met Thomas McBeth also known as Tragedy.

Tragedy taught Jah at the time whose name was (Tragic) everything that he needed to know. Tragedy saw the talent in Jah and began calling him his Protégé. He began to teach Jah the things he needed to know about writing, freestyling, and battling. TJ became a long-time friend of Jah Bless. Jah started battling at his graduating school Dent Middle where he met long time friend (Devin Taylor) also known as (Ace Kayo). They began freestyling at lunch bringing a interested crowd. Devin Taylor and Keton Ellis' names were getting around the school as being the best rappers at the school. People were saying the only way to see who was best is for Devin Taylor and Jah Bless to have a battle. Jah Bless went on the beat Kayo three onsecutive times declaring him the best rapper at Dent Middle School. Jah Went On To Graduate Then Moved On To High School. He attended Spring Valley Where Went On To be one of the best rappers at the high school. In his Junior Yr. Sept. 2008 Jah Had an idea that was beyond creative, One day the idea struck Jah to make a song called “Hello Kitty “. The song was all based off the cartoon character a lot of women like. After writing the song, he called a friend who was more like an older brother who was a producer who goes by the name of Mantiz. After the song was fully finish it put out and began gaining popularity quickly. The word of mouth was getting around the High School region people begin to recognize Jah as the creator of the song. Clubs all around the South Carolina area begin to play the song. The song was gradually become a hit single with the college crowd. Then one day Jah Knew he had to hit the lab again to record the radio version of the song. After recording the edit version of the song, weeks later the song was being play on one of the biggest radio station in SC. By Mar. Of 2009 Hello Kitty was of the most popular song to be made by A SC artist. By April of 2009 Jah was talking to recording labels. On July 3, 2009 Jah decided to signed to Yung Joc’s Swagg Team Ent. This made the record even more popular! Jah Went on to graduate from Blythewood High School on June 4, 2010. That day march a big an achievement in his life, after graduating Jah went on to work on music. Months after graduating Jah Finished his debut mixtape which is entitled “ Im So Tomorrow” which will release Sept.3 2010 . The mixtape is very anticipated by people who have heard his hit single Hello Kitty. With Help Of This song “ Im So Tomorrow” is looked to be one of the best mixtape to drop in 2010!