With his Electrifying sound, this young singer has hypnotized all who hears his voice, AyJay, His melodic voice, southern charm, and memorizing demeanor is exactly what music has been missing in a teen star.
Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina this seven-teen sensation, determined not to be a product of his environment, discovers at the young age of twelve that his passion for music would be his motivation for success. Through hard word work and the help of those who believe in his musical ability, AyJay, has been able to break the stigma of today’s young people Lack natural talent. He is perceived by many to be the next sustainable break out star. Not only is he a singer, but he is a song writer, dancer and aspiring actor.
AyJay has acquired many fans through his talent along with his hit songs “I like It, I love it,” “She Badd,” and “Hello” a play of the Tony, Toni, Tone hit “Pillow” are an instant hit with all who hear them.
AyJay Is not just another teen singer, he is a unique and distinguishable brand.
Let the World hear and Rejoice in the infinite euphonious talent of AyJay.